Online Payments Policy

I. Terms and Conditions
Jodelle’s Place processes online transactions, for all forms of product purchases, service subscriptions, trainings (including webinars and workshops) and digital downloads, using secure government-approved payment gateways.

Unless otherwise stated, payments processed through or any other websites owned by Jodelle’s Place are in Nigerian Naira.

II. Online Registration
You may be able to access some of the services on our online platforms without registration; however, certain services are only accessible upon registration. Purchase of any form of product or service requires a mandatory registration before you can checkout.

Downloads of Free materials and content from our website also requires your completion of various kinds of simple registration forms, depending on the need.
After registering online, you will receive an email confirmation containing your registration details. We will normally confirm receipt of your registration within a few minutes of ordering. Please refer to the section below that is relevant to the specific service you are accessing.

• Product Purchase
While registering and paying online for any product, you will be prompted to complete a Know-Your-Customer form. Shipping of your order commences upon confirmation of payment made.
For digital downloads, a link to download the content you have paid for will be emailed to you upon successful registration and payment. The duration before this link expires will also be clearly stated; including the number of downloads you are eligible to with that same link.

• Subscriptions
Duration-Based: Upon successful payment and subscription, your access to your content of choice will commence immediately and continue for the selected length of your subscription (three, six or 12 months), at which time you will be prompted to renew.
Volume-Based: Upon successful payment and subscription, periodic installments of your chosen content or service series will be delivered to you as stipulated in the description. At the complete delivery of all installments, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm the complete delivery of what you have paid for.

III. Cancellations and Refunds
• Product Purchase
Cancellation or refunds are not accepted on products delivered in good condition, consistent with the description on the platform where order was placed.
If the cancellation is due to a verified disparity between the delivered product and the ordered product, refund may be done upon return of the delivered product.
For digital downloads, Cancellations or refunds will not be accepted when access links and credentials to the premium content has been sent to the customer. If the link is broken or the credentials wrong, a correct link or access credentials will be sent to the customer upon complaint and verification of claim.

• Subscriptions
You may choose not to renew your subscription at the end of any subscription period (three, six or 12 months, depending on your selection).
Cancellation of an active duration-based subscription at any time into the subscription does not attract a refund.
Cancellation of a volume-based subscription after 20% or more installments of the series has been delivered does not attract a refund.

IV. Security
All online credit/Debit card transactions performed on our website; , using any of the provided payment gateways, are secured payments.
The following security measures are applied to these payments:

• Payments are fully automated with an immediate response;
• Your complete credit/Debit card number cannot be viewed by Jodelle’s Place or any outside party;
• All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate;
• All transaction data is encrypted for storage within our Gateway provider’s data centre, further protecting your credit card data;
• The Payment Gateway Providers at no time touches your funds; and
• All monies are directly transferred from your credit/Debit card to the merchant account held by Jodelle’s Place securely.