Finding Your Style

Style is an art, it goes beyond products or designers; it is your personal expression of an art, in your own language. We have collection of style tips here to help make your fashion journey more fulfilling and exciting!

For Women

  • Don’t buy or wear without a plan.
  • When in doubt, overdress; you can always tone it down if need be.
  • Always accessorise.
  • Match your shoes to your bags, intentionally!
  • Have a capsule wardrobe; A closet full of items that can be mixed and matched with ease.
  • Have a few statement shoes!
  • Get one or two loud pieces, there are days you need to steal the show!
  • Resist the age-conditioning.
  • Understand and shop for your body; not for the ‘Gram’!
  • Curate Your Colours to Suit Your Skin Tone.
  • Show Just the Right Amount of Skin.

For Men

  • Explore more shoe colors than brown and black.
  • When shopping, buy something in a pattern that occurs nowhere else in your wardrobe.
  • Gym shoes are for the gym! Not for parties.
  • Get a pair of colored trousers.
  • Invest in a really nice hand bag; backpacks (school bags) are for school kids.
  • Understand contrast, and apply it every time you shop or choose things to wear from your wardrobe.
  • Own more shoes.
  • Always dress like you might decide to drop by a restaurant or nightclub with a dress code.
  • Flip through a slideshow of images from a men’s fashion show.
  • Shine your shoes more often than you think you need to.
  • Clean your wallet out regularly.
  • Gold or silver metals — pick one, but don’t do both at once!
  • Brown or black leather — pick one, but don’t do both at once!
  • If the designer’s logo is visible, it’s not as stylish as you think.
  • Google “Men’s Style” more often!
  1. Do not overload your bag.
  2. Try not to expose your leather items to humidity and direct sources of heat (radiators, sun).
  3. As much as possible, prevent any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvent) and greasy substances (make-up).
  4. After use, remove the items in your bag before putting away so as to help retain its original shape.
  5. Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials.
  6. Prevent rough exposure to metallic parts as the coating may chip, and clean with a soft dry cloth.
  7. Take specific care of white or light-colored bags to avoid stains, as it is difficult to clean them.
  8. To clean your leather bags/shoes, wipe them with a clear, non-abrasive and soft dry cloth.